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Date: Fri, Dec 2nd, 2011



November 7, 2011

Each employer offers the following:

Job Security
: Unconditional and absolute no-layoff guarantee for term of agreement.

Health Insurance:
   Maintain all in-network benefits of "Cadillac" health plan, with no premium payments by OCU (currently costs employers $41,000 per employee per year for family coverage).

:   Maintain minimum monthly benefit of $150 per year of credited service (i.e., a pension of up to $60,000+ per year).

:  Maintain all wages -- $40+ per hour for 52 wks/yr (i.e., $80,000+ per year); with increased maintenance of benefits costs, employers are effectively giving a pay increase of over $4 / hr.

Pay / Work Guarantee
:    Guaranteed pay for 40 hour workweek (37.5 hours for six companies) for 52 weeks a year whether there is work or not; plus terminal operators promise to staff off-hour gate operations with OCU.

Work Preservation
:   Preserve all existing union work jurisdiction and maintain framework for resolving grievances to protect union jurisdiction going forward

Paid Time Off:
     Maintain all PTO levels, including vacation (up to 6+ wks/yr), holidays (up to 23 holidays), sick leave (up to 15 days), paid doctor appointment time (up to 30 hrs), and other forms of leave.

Other Benefits
:    Maintain all other benefits (meal and transportation allowance; early retirement with full benefits; education reimbursement; etc.)

In return, each employer asks for the following:

Staffing as Needed
:   Ability to hire permanent and call temporary employees only when there is a business need for work to be performed, not every time a vacancy exists.

:   Preserve the existing technology implementation framework that the parties agreed upon in 2004 and again in 2007, so that employers can remain competitive within the industry and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Control Rising Costs
:  Control rising health care costs by encouraging use of in-network health care.

Fair Treatment
:    "Favored nation" language that protects against singling out by union for unfair, punitive wage, benefit, and paid time off provisions.

Though the OCU has not been willing or able to obtain the consent of the ILWU to allow OCU members to join the ILWU-PMA Pension and Health Plans (the PMA has stated its willingness to allow this), if the OCU changes its position on this and the ILWU consents to allow the OCU members to join the ILWU-PMA Pension and Health Plans, each employer remains willing to offer the following:

 Wage Increase (all companies): 






Hourly Increase*




 Pension Increase (all companies except Yang Ming - DC Plan):





Pension MMB*




 * These offers would equal a 3.7% wage increase and 20% pension increase over contract term.


Link: http://www.harboremployers.com/web/news/press/details/?Summary-of-Employers-November-7-2011-Complete-Counterproposal-for-New-Collective-Bargaining-Agreements-with-the-OCU-44